Everyone needs a rest—not least our children’s leaders.

That is why we close our children’s groups over the summer and replace them with All Age Services . All Age Services are not children’s services.

It was once put to me like this. When it comes to a summer barbie, the whole family gathers together from grand-parents to toddlers. When Dad or Mum speak to the children they will not speak to them in the same way using the same vocabulary as they would speak to the adults. We all do that naturally.

In an All-age service the whole church family gathers together. Movies and cartoons can help to get the message over to children. Peppa Pig can help explain things to toddlers. Or people might feed each other with ice cream while wearing blindfolds. But adults should still be able to walk out of church and think “I learned something new today.” Now that is always a challenge for the preacher but it is also our aim.

The summer themes are all taken from the idea of our carrying excess emotional baggage. These are things can really weigh us down. We need to drop them.

My Excess Baggage

  • Disappointment – 31st July
  • Guilt – 7th August
  • Envy – 14th August
  • Negative self-talk – 21st August
  • Anxiety – 28th August

“Come unto me all who labour and are heavy laden”