Christians believe that the gospel is good news for all people and for all time.

Contemporary culture don’t always echo our biblical world view. You only have to watch TV for a day or two to see that. The church needs to be clear about how the gospel both challenges and transforms human experience – including our relationships and sexuality. We do not just adopt current views automatically.

Living in Love and Faith (LLF) is an important exercise in listening. We must do our best to understand other people and listen to their experiences. The Beautiful Story is a 30 minute film that explains how a biblical vision for human sexuality is good for individuals, the church and society as a whole. It is intended to promote discussion in local churches around sexuality and relationships. It aims to provide the case for a traditional Christian viewpoint.

We encourage groups to whole heartedly respond to LLF and engage with it. But there is more to say.

The Church of England Evangelical Council was founded by Revd John Stott of All Souls Langham Place. He also founded LICC – see our other post. What a legacy!!