Raymond Away

Raymond will not be around from Monday to Wednesday next week, as he and Alison will be going to Salisbury for an official pre-retirement course. As it lasts three days they clearly have a lot to tell us!

LLM at St. Andrew’s

Raymond met with Karen (via Zoom) this week. You will not know her, but Karen is training to become an LLM (Lay Reader) at St. Andrew’s. She will be with us for a number of weeks in May and June so you will get to see and hear her then.

Archdeacon Christopher

Archdeacon Christopher will be with us on Sunday May 15th.

Bishop Lee

Bishop Lee will be visiting St John’s on Advent Sunday in his official capacity, though it is always nice to see him any time he feels like dropping in just to worship. It is not easy not to have a congregation to belong to.


Two young people have told me that they are interested in being confirmed in June. Great news. If anyone else is considering that possibility, then now is the time to say. You can do the course and decide at the end if you would like to be confirmed. There is no pressure.


Our thanks to Lyn for all the time she spent doing the daffodils for Sunday.

The Real Easter Egg

Eight Real Easter Eggs remain. They are £4.50 each. Buy now—pay later. They tell the Easter story, so they are the best egg possible for you to give to your nephew, niece or grandchild.