Why Should I Give to the Jar of Grace? Tearfund were on the ground this year in Afghanistan working with local partners to provide vital food and hygiene supplies to people affected by violence. Here is the story of just one family.

‘Our only aim was to save our children’

Noora and her family had to make a desperate escape from the escalating violence. ‘We have witnessed the horror of conflict,’ Noora tells us. ‘We have seen our crops burnt and cattle die.
‘We left our home in a hurry, so we were unable to carry anything with us. Our only aim was to save our children.’

Noora was able to find temporary shelter. But with no money for food, she and her two sons had to go without. The relief package was an absolute lifeline. ‘We are really thankful to your organisation,’ says Noora. ‘My children are very happy.’

This is just an example of their work. I can’t tell you exactly where in the world your money will go or who it will help. But you can be sure that Tearfund will use it well. Tearfund helps people like Noora who have lost everything.

Glass jars are welcome or you can give virtually using our bank details. You can find the bank details in the bulletin.