Charmaine writes: Our Nov 6 event for the Hong Kongers went very well. People started to arrive and fill the church room with all sorts of foods. “There was such a buzz with everyone chatting over a delicious potluck lunch” said Jenny.

To give you an idea, we had: Sushi, Chinese Tea Eggs, chicken in soy sauce, Japanese style curry chicken with white rice, homemade pizza, roast ducks, hummus with veggies sticks. For the tea break, we had banana walnut cake, mochi, almond chocolate truffles by Jenny, red bean soup dessert, macarons, coffee, tea and 100% pure apple juice for the kids. 33 people attended. Eight families are newly arrived from Hong Kong.

After lunch, I gave a presentation on Kids Eat Right – Healthy Snacking. I threw in a bit of local veggies that they are not familiar with, such as Spring Greens. We shared tips on how to cook kale, another superfood. Hong Kongers are brought up to cook all veggies and don’t enjoy eating them raw – a good thought when hosting Hong Kongers.

Local gyms, volunteer opportunities, church life and the importance of vitamin D supplements were introduced to combat Winter Blues. Feedback were positive and they found the information very useful.

While I was giving the health talk, Lesley and Jenny were keeping the kids busy with songs and crafts. Right after my talk, they came in and performed us two songs – Big Family of God and Jump into the Light. That was an absolute surprise for the parents as I didn’t tell them in advance! I was contacted by a parent next day, asking me the names of the songs so that they can sing and dance at home. How wonderful it is!

The event ended with desserts and we all helped to put everything back in place. Lovely people, “an absolute pleasure to be aquatinted with. Hopefully they will visit St. John’s on some other occasions.” said Lesley.