Thanks to everyone who helped to put the chairs back last week. There is still an ongoing pandemic and we aim to keep people as safe as possible. However, as we will no longer be able to keep the curtains open once children’s groups restart on 19th September, we have no option but to reintroduce the chairs.

You will not be able to sit in every chair.

With people worshipping at home, we are not actually expecting to require every chair. This means that we are still able to maintain wide gaps between the rows simply by pushing some rows together. More chairs in the room means that people will not have to sit right next to each other.

Please feel free to put a bag or coat in the seat/s next to you if you would like to maintain more distance from your neighbour. This is not being impolite.

However, if people arriving late all choose to slip into the balcony in timehonoured fashion, there is a real danger that it will become over-full up there. That would not be comfortable or safe for those who are already seated.

We will therefore close access to the balcony at 11am.

The best thing to do is to come nice and early and sort out a safe space for yourself and those sitting near you.