Someone recently asked me about two couples that have been part of the church for many years: “Have we lost the ……….. and the ……….?” they asked anxiously. I was able to assure them that we had not. Both families are very much with us, and are watching the services via our live streaming. My questioner was very glad to hear it. It made me realise that, although I am in touch with a lot of people that we no longer physically see in church, most people are not.

So my aim is to run a “Home but not Alone” section in the bulletin every week where we can catch up with each other a bit and get news about people who are invisible to us but still strong in their faith.

We might be able to do it the other way round. I would love to interview those at the in-person service and, not least, new members once they have become established. That way we can get to know new members.

Remarkably, we had five new people at our 11am service in church last Sunday! Six— if you include a baby. Seven—if you include someone else at the 9am!!