We are gradually seeing more church members coming back to the 11am service.

Although still high, Covid cases have dropped every day for seven days. Although rising again, there are clear signs that vaccinated people can meet more safely.

If you are suffering from an underlying health condition or are anxious about Covid and have made the decision to stay at home, we want you to feel part of the service. For people in that category, we are planning to live-stream our worship for the first time at 11am on Sunday, 19th September.

We really hoped to do this on 12th September but having discovered a new and better way to stream, it is just going to take a bit longer to get all the equipment ready.

Many of you have not been to an in-person church service for a year and a half. It is not easy to step through the door after such a long period.

We want to encourage those who have not made that step to worship with us on Sunday, 12th September. Live worship is a wonderful experience. It is great to hear the music group playing once more.

We really want to see our children and young people back in church as well, even if we still have to work out how best to run children’s work.

Sunday, 12th September is the day we are calling “Back to Church Sunday”.

If you are able, please come back to church for worship, learning and prayer.

And if you really cannot, we hope those at home will join us on Sunday, 19th September at 11am for a communion service so we can have the whole church family worshipping together at the same time.

Please have bread and wine ready if you are planning to watch this service from home.