The 11am service is back. This morning we will be enjoying our third Sunday inside the building. Live worship is wonderful.

We can best exercise love towards each other by respecting other church members, especially those who may wish to adopt a more cautious approach than your own. We still provide a well-ventilated environment with plenty of space.

What is Coming Up?

We will be holding a Back to Church Service on Sunday September 12th for those who have not yet ventured back into the building but would really like to take that step. That is your chance to step over the threshold.

Is Covid all Over?

The vaccines are working well and we are not expecting another lockdown. We believe church is as safe as we can make it. However, it is impossible to know at this point whether we will be able, for example, to have an in-person carol service at Christmas or whether it will have to be back online. We have to be patient and see how things develop over the next few months.

We currently have three aims.

  • We want to live stream our services at 11am every Sunday.
  • We want to get our children’s work up and running.
  • We want to be Hong Kong ready.

One Final Question

Will Covid change us from in-person worshippers to online streamers who just watch church from the sofa?

In a couple of weeks’ time we will be bringing you the most recent research on this question!