It is hard to know what the coming four months will actually look like in terms of Covid restrictions. However, I think it is better to enter them with a plan.

We will finish our series on Dr Paul Brand’s book “Fearfully and Wonderfully
Made” on Sunday, 12th September, looking at Jesus, the Greatest Doctor. This will be our final All Age service in a long series and if you would like to take the step of returning to church in person, that would be a good day to do it. It is my fervent hope that we will be live-streaming on that day.

We want to start children’s work the following week. There will be a hybrid service until October 17th. We will make sure the liturgy and songs are good for adults and children, but we also want to allow space for an adult sermon and give children’s leaders the chance to cope with the uncertainty of everything.

In keeping with Living in Love and Faith we will be looking at this subject from four angles

  • Gender and Truth
  • Gender and Unity
  • Gender and Holiness
  • When Christians Disagree.

After Harvest (10th October) we will start a new series under the title “When Your World Falls Apart”. We will be looking at the life and words of the prophet Ezekiel. Destined from childhood to be a priest in the temple in Jerusalem, his teenage years take a frightening turn when his home city of Jerusalem is besieged by a ruthless enemy. His feelings of terror and anxiety have been shared by thousands in Afghanistan this week.

Ezekiel finds himself dragged off to Babylon as a captive. He has no idea what God has in store for him in that foreign land. Nor could he possibly have imagined that two and a half thousand years later people in a country he had never heard of would be talking about what happened to him there.

That leads us up to Christmas which we hope to celebrate indoors.