Why Does This Deserve a Whole Page?

General Synod is the legislative body of the Church of England. Together with Parliament, it is the only body in the land which is entitled to make national law. Measures passed by the Church of England are signed off by the Queen as Head of State. She always attends the opening session.

What Does It Do?

Synod changes things. It authorised the appointment of women bishops and can change the law on same-sex marriage in church if it votes that way. In addition, General Synod also agrees the national budget for the Church of England and debates a wide range of public and social issues from the perspective of a faith organisation.

When Does it Meet?

General Synod usually meets twice a year for 5 days each in London and in York. Each synodical term (known as a “Quinquennium”) lasts for five years. At the start of each Quinquennium, Synod also meets in London in November for a three-day Inaugural Synod.

Do Members Get Paid?

Each Diocese reimburses travel expenses and London accommodation expenses.

How Do People Get On To Synod?

You just need two people to nominate you to stand in this diocese. Then there will be an election.

So When Does the New Synod Begin?

The inauguration of the eleventh General Synod will take place on Tuesday 16th November, 2021. Anyone interested in standing must obtain nomination papers, which can be found online, and get them back by noon on Wednesday September 10th. If you are a member of St John’s, you can stand for election! We must all pray for those who will be elected to serve in this hugely important five year period—and for Justin and Stephen our Archbishops in their joint leadership of the church.