Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. But at least he is not going to be carrying his brolly. We are planning to sing outside again this week at 11am.

After two weeks of “Will we? – Won’t we?” we are hoping for some more reliable weather over the next two Sundays. It was lovely to hear Helen singing – even if we all had to mouth the words silently. Behind our masks. We are becoming more confident that singing will be allowed very soon.

Even though Boris is allowing us to meet in church, we will be online for two more weeks. That is just to do with who is around and available. Those online services will be 25th July and 1st August. And then we will be in church on 8th August onwards.

Please be there at 10:55am . We want to gave a good impression with the first song and it is a lot harder to do that if the congregation arrives in small groups during the opening worship. Let’s all begin together.

Even better, we will have a new bass guitar player. Paul has recently arrived in Swindon. He saw and heard the worship two weeks ago from the top of a bus going past the church. Paul then rang me to offer his services as a musician. Going outside clearly has some big advantages. It means people can see us. Please feel free to say hello to Paul this week and make him feel welcome

Getting Hong Kong Ready

We want to make sure we record some friendly people giving a warm welcome in Chinese on Sunday as we make a video on our website. It is all part of being welcoming to the many people from Hong Kong who will be coming to the UK over the next months and years.

We have had no less than three Cantonese speakers in church over the last two Sundays! (Make that four—I left out Abi!) So we have plenty of guidance on pronunciation. The good news is that we won’t be asking you to write anything!