We aim to follow Christ’s example and do the same. James and Chris have organised the following gifts from the congregation for educational and medical projects in Uganda.

One gift has gone to Bwaziba school

We have supported from this primary school from the very beginning of our relationship with Luweero, and in partnership with St Francis School, enabled them to overcome a serious landslip two years ago which came close to closing the school for good. St Francis’ school are now very active partners with us in this venture.

Balitta is a school for blind children

Blind children are seen as important in Uganda, but finance is an ever present issue. So we aim to relieve the pressure.

Some weeks ago, we had a report in the bulletin from the wonderful Sanyu Babies’ Home. They look after babies who have been abandoned in the city often by young mums on their
own or people in severe financial distress. How hard must life be for someone who needs to leave their baby to be found?

A gift has also gone to Kiwoko Hospital

In addition to medical care for patients, Kiwoko offers placements for medical, nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy students. The hospital community provides an environment in which students from both Europe and Africa are able to gain invaluable experience of healthcare as well as experiencing personal and spiritual growth.

We also have long standing relationships Blind William, as he is known in his homeland. We have provided an income for him over many years. We intend to continue.

Bishop Eridard and Jane are building for their retirement. In view of our twenty year relationship, PCC wanted to give a one-off gift to allow them to finish that work.