Although the diocese of Luweero seems to have been spared the worst of the pandemic up to this point, hospitals are full to overflowing all over the country.

At the G7, leaders of the major industrial nations pledged one billion Covid vaccine doses to poor countries as a “big step towards vaccinating the world”.

How big a number is one billion vaccines?

Even with that vast number, we still have a very long way to go if we are to vaccinate the world. The Head of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres welcomed the move, but warned that if people in developing countries were not inoculated quickly, the virus could mutate further becoming resistant to current vaccines.

We need more than that,” he said of the G7 plan. “We need a global vaccination plan with a sense of urgency and with the priorities of a war economy, and we are still far from getting that.”

We were told this week that so many people have died in Kampala in recent weeks that people were no longer looking at WhatsApp because they could not bear any more bad news. A crisis is developing which will only be solved by an increase in vaccination throughout the country.

To date Uganda has received enough vaccine to inoculate 2% of its people.