The children of St Francis sent us a gift of £702 for our school at Bwaziba a few weeks ago. And they have not finished yet!

Year 6 are going to run a traditional summer fair. This year it must be in-house for the children and again any money raised will be for Bwaziba.

Last week one Year 2 girl donated all the money she had been saving for Lego. She said “Our friends in Bwaziba need the money more!”

Last year Raymond wrote to thank a child in Haydon Wick who had given his entire birthday money to the Blind School at Balitta. It was a large sum. I wondered whether we should accept such sacrificial gifts from children, even though they would be heart-broken if we refused them.

Yet they will remember these acts of generosity for many years and be changed by them. These children will live in the knowledge hat she has made life easier for a child living under economic pressures. They now know that what Jesus said is, in fact, true “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Perhaps that is why He told us to be like these children.