I am delighted to say that the PCC agreed to take £1,500 out of the Seventh Share in order to allow Bishop Eridard Nsubuga of the Diocese of Luweero and his wife Jane to complete a home for themselves in retirement. Here is the house when Eridard last wrote —with four walls but no roof.

Eridard and Jane are in the picture, with Eridard wearing shorts. He clearly picked up another British habit there as it is very rare for Ugandan men to do that. We are not collecting further gifts but if anyone would like to add a contribution we will be glad to pass it on. We have known Eridard for many years and started supporting him when he was studying at a theological college in Gloucester. We were able back then to buy an airline ticket to allow him to travel back to Uganda in the middle of the course to see his wife and family. As a theological student he could not find those kinds of funds.

Eridard has been a very enterprising Bishop who has worked hard to help clergy who have no pension on which to retire. His vision for a business centre in Luweero which could fund pensions was far sighted. Lockdown has not helped this important initiative. His ministry comes to an end in July 2023.