Over the next two weeks we will be thinking about the pandemic one year on. The two sermons will be:

  • This Time Last Year – 18th April
  • Why Couldn’t He Have Done Something? – 25th April

After that we will have a short look at the issue of prayer through the lens of Alpha. Then as Pentecost approaches we will look at the Holy Spirit through the themes of

  • Streams of Living Water – 16th May
  • The Helper – 23rd May
  • The Best is Yet to Be 30th May

There will be two full online sermons from J John on the subject of Serving God as we approach the end of lockdown. They will be on 6th June and 13th June.

That will lead us on to four BIG New Testament words:

  • Diversity – 20th June
  • Rejoice! – 11th July
  • Abide! – 18th July
  • Imitate! 25th July

For our summer all age season I will be stealing the wonderful ideas of Dr Paul Brand who along with Philip Yancey has written a book about the extraordinary characteristics of parts of the body from the perspective of a doctor. Together they draw out the spiritual meaning. I have done a few of these in school as assemblies.

  • Bone – 1st August
  • Skin 8th August
  • Blood – 15th August
  • Breath – 22nd August
  • Brain – 29th August

You will see that there are a few weeks not allocated to a theme. That is because we are really hoping that we will be coming out of lockdown at that point and I would rather wait to see where we are by that time.