Last year, disappointment was the name of the game — for almost every church. We had to work through that and produce the best services and activities that we could through all the lockdowns.

The opposite page shows us a group of people who, eighteen months ago, started a new church in Penhill. Almost immediately Covid struck. Everything went online. They are keen to press on and write the next chapter.

What will the future look like for St John’s? So many good things were happening last Spring. Then Coronavirus pulled the plug on almost all of it. We had to find a new way to worship online. This summer, we find ourselves looking at the definite possibility of a re-start. It seems it will happen.

To get fully back on track we will need a PCC and we leadership. We will also need a warden to replace Sam Opoka who is stepping down. Might God be calling you to fill one of these places?