One day, and hopefully that day is not too far away, the worst of the Covid pandemic will be over. Even if we have to face some restriction next winter, we expect to be in a very different place from today. Worship, mission and ministry will resume and we will have recovered more of our lives.

A properly funded church is going to be essential. Having come through coronavirus, we don’t want to be held up by lack of money.

God has ordained a Biblical way of funding the church. Churches which have learned to give have been less affected by the pandemic than those which have come to rely on rental income.

Inevitably, this year our Renewal of Giving has to be done online. So please watch out for your email tomorrow. As J. John reminded us last week, when it comes to our finances God is looking for people who are trustworthy. Whether we respond by paper or by email, let us all respond as we are able.

We will be announcing the result of our Renewal of Giving on Mothering Sunday.