On 2 February, we launched a wide-ranging engagement and listening exercise, called ‘Transforming Church. Together

The listening exercise will continue from February to Eastertide – and you will be hearing from our Archdeacons Christopher and Neil how to get involved.

During May and June, ….we will articulate a vision and some priority themes based on a thorough analysis of the results. Following this, we will move to the development of a new mission plan and a funding application to the Church Commissioners in Advent. The process will …..include as many people as possible in the development of the vision and mission plan.”

How will this affect us in St John’s?

We do not know that yet because the process has only just begun. But there is little doubt that all churches will be affected. Hence the importance of taking the opportunity to make our voices heard.

How do I find out more about this?

Go to the www.bristol.anglican.org/transformingchurch/

If you read down the page you will see that there is a questionnaire for you to fill in and submit. Please do that as the first step in the process. +Viv really does want to hear what you have to say about the future of the diocese.