Even though the PCC and FF&G have spent months over this project, partially because of Covid and partially because a new architect had to be appointed in the course of it, the work was done in a single morning.

Geobear came and drilled a number of holes in the floor. They inserted the liquid which would raise the slab underneath the floor in the kitchen, the lounge and the crèche. It was all completed in a matter of hours.

The root barrier to protect the foundations was dug into the ground just outside the crèche in December so we will need to keep an eye on this area as the ground settles. However, we can finally say that the floor of the lounge is now perfectly flat. Even though no one will walk on it for a while yet!

However, even though the actual work took a remarkably short time, a huge amount of effort went into finding the best solution to the problem. Over the years we have had a number of different people who have taken responsibility for various projects in the building.

To that list we can now add Gareth. We owe Gareth a great debt because subsidence of this kind was a new area which none of us knew a great deal about. We want to say a warm and public thank you to him for guiding us through a long and difficult job. If we were to count the letters and emails written, the phone calls and the visits made, it adds up to a great many hours.

We will just need to do some re-decoration and carpeting.

How are we going to pay for all this? Thanks to strong giving and good financial management over many years, we do not require any additional gifts from the congregation to pay for this work. We have always saved money into the Fabric Fund for when that rainy day comes.