The 66 million Christians in India make up just 5% of the population. Christians face horrific levels of violence from extremists, with thousands of attacks taking place every year. Several states in India have adopted anticonversion laws. Such laws are often used as an excuse to disrupt church services and harass Christians. The police often turn a blind eye.

And yet, many are coming to faith in India through incredible healings – like Tara. She is 15 years old. She came to know Jesus after she experienced miraculous healing – then faced an impossible choice.

I met intense opposition from my family as well as the local community. ‘You are a shame to the family; our community people detest us because you go to church. Either leave Jesus or forget the relationship you have with us.’ This was what my parents told me.”

Tara courageously chose her relationship with Jesus, but at the cost of losing her relationship with her parents. She still lives in their house, but isn’t allowed to communicate with them or share any food or utensils.