In the middle of all the festive excitement, the puppets, the Christmas trees, the carol services, choir items and Christingles, there is a committee who don’t get to do any of that.

Instead of decorations they have calculators; instead of singing, they talk about contracts; they don’t fill their stockings—just their diaries.

They are the Finance, Fabric and Governance Subteam.

However, in case it sounds like I am painting them as a gathering of Scrooges, the opposite is the case. They are spending lots of money on our behalf, restoring the subsiding floor in The Lounge and preventing the foundations of the church being damaged by tree roots.

A lot of careful, technical work is going on right now. We want to say a big Thank You in the bulletin to a team which produces more emails than snowflakes over a White Christmas.

Marlene Dietrich used to sing about the Boys in the Backroom. There are a few girls in this backroom too.

We want to let them know how much we appreciate them  this Christmas. If they were not there, doing what they do, it would cost us a lot of money in the future.