We were hoping to start streaming the 11am service in November. That cannot happen now. Lockdown has not prevented us from planning for the future, as we try to find the balance between quality and cost.

Andy and Paul have been joined by Mike, Phil, Richard and Simon. This new Streaming Team will aim to get the right system up and running. Much practical progress has already been made this week. (More about that later.)

We are grateful for the help given by Dave, a member of Christ Church Downend who have been live streaming for a while now. Dave met with the St John’s team on Zoom on Thursday evening.

We don’t know how long lockdown will last. When we are able to return, we would love to hold two live services in church every week. We would have a traditional 9am with communion (not streamed) and an 11am service (live streamed each week.) Mastering the technology is one issue: building a team to run the streaming during the services is another. Streaming the 11am will feel more like the service we remember.