+Viv’s second letter is important and urgent. She writes: “I recently met with Archbishop of Uganda, Stephen Kaziimba over Zoom and, amongst other things, we discussed the impact of Covid-19 in Uganda. The Archbishop expressed his deep concern for the struggles of many clergy who have been particularly affected by the pandemic. Through this appeal we will raise money to go to the Archbishop’s Emergency Fund.

The appeal will run until Sunday, 29th November and offerings need to be returned to the DBF by Monday, 7th December so that we can send it to Uganda in good time for Christmas.

Archdeacon Godfrey Kasana explains some of the social background to the current Covid 19 crisis: Clergy have been particularly badly hit by the Covid 19 crisis as they rely on offerings from their congregation to support them but Covid has closed churches for months. Times have been very hard for many people.

What difference can we make?

In the attached letter you will find a link to the Diocesan website where that question is answered. Next week we will show a video where Ugandan clergy tell their own story. Please send gifts to the treasurer.