Bill served on the hospital ship, Africa Mercy around this time last year. His second term was postponed due to Coronavirus.

What is happening now?

This report comes from Mercy Ships and tells of how the teams are helping with some of the terrible sorrows of pregnancy.

“Throughout the developing world, women are having to give birth at home without medical help, due to local lockdowns and healthcare systems that have simply been overwhelmed. There are between 50,000 and 100,000 new cases of obstetric fistulas every year – with many more expected due to COVID lockdowns. This injury that leaves women leaking urine and unable to walk properly due to nerve damage after giving birth. It leads to pain, humiliation and often isolation.

Mercy Ships are addressing this crisis through free surgery in inland clinics and by working with various partners on the ground. In addition they continue to provide PPE for nurses in eleven nations as well as organising e-learning COVID Courses for medical professionals on the frontline. We, at St John’s, continue to stand with them both in prayer and with financial support.

And we look forward to Bill getting on board once again. SOME REALLY BIG NEWS COMING NEXT WEEK.