Good and Bad News

We lost one of our Slimming World groups in the spring. This was a major loss to our rental income. Les Slinn runners have also reduced their requirements leading to a further loss.

On the plus side, a Brazilian church, Abundante Vida, will rent the church for four hours on a Saturday – this will have a positive impact on next year’s income. The Kumon Education centre who have lost their base at the Haydon Centre are going to be using the Church Room for two hours per week to teach English, Maths and Japanese.

What about our regular giving? How is that holding up?

Let me quote our treasurer.

“For the third month in a row, offerings have outperformed the phased budget. Every time that I think we’re reaching the end of the ‘return of the envelope’, I’m pleasantly surprised. This dynamic has helped hugely.”


The subsiding floor has yet to be repaired but we can see the finishing line at last. The cost of the repair is £9,115 plus VAT. However, the PCC will not be raising money for this. We have sufficient money saved for this rainy day.

We will have some expensive tree surgery to pay for. A second tree fell in our car park in the summer. Fortunately no one was injured. However, we will need
to have our trees professionally dealt with to ensure they are safe.

Giving remains a huge part of our mission. James recently commented that sending mission payments is one of the most uplifting parts of his role.