We aim to bring the 11am service back in November.

Our aim is Remembrance Sunday. That service will also appear online in the normal way. In other words it will be pre-recorded.

We will then have a week off to assess the service and how it went in terms of safety. There is a lot to learn in terms of booking in and cleaning.

Two weeks later (25th November) we aim to stream the 11am service live to those who are watching at home. The 18th will be the last of the recorded services which we have been running since March.

Raymond’s knowledge of streaming is pretty limited. In fact it is non existent. So he is going to need some help from those of you who know about this or can learn about it. We have a contact in in Bristol who should put us on the right path, and there are a number of YouTube videos talking about streaming for churches. If you can help us with this whole issue, we need your skills and guidance.

So please contact Raymond if you feel you can help us with this project.