PCC decided that it was time to bring back the 11:00am service following the pattern that has been established at the over the last few weeks. Attendance at our 9am service has risen by 33%.

We will have to do some serious thinking before we restart. It would be possible to fit all the members of the 9am service into the church, balcony and church room with sufficient space for social distancing. That could not apply at 11am. It means that we will have to follow the example of other churches by organising a booking-in system.

Singing will not be permitted and our musicians will not be able to play live. They are only able to rehearse in church on a Wednesday evening, because they can maintain the requisite distance between themselves.

The worship sub-team, in addition to thinking about booking in and music will need to consider such issues as:

  • What we can do for children
  • Cleaning between the services
  • Prayer ministry at both services
  • The coming of winter and ventilation.