St John’s current treasurer, James, is dealing with problems Andrew never dreamed of. So he was delighted to receive a cheque out of the blue, for well over £2,000 from a member of a local church a few Sundays ago. The family have been watching our services online during the Covid emergency and wanted to make a donation to our work here at St John’s. We were overwhelmed by this remarkable act of generosity which has hugely improved our financial position. I would like to record my thanks— and the thanks of the congregation—in the bulletin.

In addition, many of our envelope givers have brought their saved up envelopes to the services in church. Thank you all for your faithfulness. It makes such a difference.

Sharon’s efforts as letting agent have also borne fruit. Two of our tenants (Weight Watchers and Les Slinn Running Club) have returned to the building. The loss of our tenants threatened to deal a very severe blow to our income, so it is wonderful to see some of them back inside the building again.

August has been a triple whammy of financial blessing for which we thank God.

We will set out the current position in next week’s bulletin, along with one of James’ graphs. You will have a chance to see for yourself just how much better the picture appears compared to he worst case scenario we were forced to consider just a month or two ago.