Although PCC first agreed this window many months ago, Covid-19 intervened.

We are delighted to report that the window is given by Jean in Andrew’s memory is now in place and looking very effective.

It has yet to be officially dedicated. We will do that sometime in September, perhaps during the week, rather than on a Sunday. A date has yet to be decided.

We had originally hoped that we would by this stage be able to invite anyone who wanted to join us, to attend. Sadly we cannot do that.

We will be required to maintain social distancing between congregation members, at the service, and, of course, masks will need to be worn unless an individual has a articular health reason which would justify them not wearing one.

The window is in the Church Room and contains the opening line of Psalm 121— ”I lift my eyes to the hills.” The church is always open for private prayer on a Wednesday lunchtime so you could drop in and see it then or at 9am on Sundays.

Revd Andrew Dean made a huge contribution to the church as a member, self supporting minister (SSM) and long-standing treasurer. He combined a remarkable facility with figures with a warm sense of humour which meant our Renewal of Giving Result Sundays were among the best attended of the year. One frequently expressed concern in his final weeks was that he had not been able to train up a successor. He would have been delighted with how that worked out.

Andrew was a preacher, service leader, pastor and home group leader. As treasurer, he saw us through several building projects and development initiatives. He strongly encouraged PCC to step out in faith, not only when it came to our own special projects but in terms of our regular giving both to church and to our overseas partners in Uganda, Albania, Paraguay and all places in need.

He was a man of faith and a joy to have around.