Last week we had ta variety of musicians all playing the same song from four different homes. And yet they all kept in time with each other. “So ….How is it done?” It works like this:

  1. The leader plays the tune.
  2. He or she then sends the recording to Mike.
  3. Mike lays down a click track at the right speed.
  4. That goes out to the other musicians.
  5. They play in time to the click track and send their recordings to Mike.
  6. Mike puts it all together and, hey presto—a music group appears.

Very impressive!


And ten out of ten to Abigail, Sophie and Meghan who did such a terrific dance video last week. My guess is we will see them again.

Reading and Praying

Catherine (see page 3) will be setting up a prayer and reading rota for our online services. We can’t just use the old rotas because you need to be confident about recording onto a phone and then sending the file to Andy by WhatsApp. It Is not difficult. Lots of you have done it.

So if you would like to read or lead prayers at our online services and we have not contacted you yet, please email the parish office.