St John’s was built in 1981. But Lynda was involved in Pram Club even before that!

How is that possible?

She was worshipping in the former St John’s which was a pre-fab near Emmanuel church, set up by St Mary’s to help get a new church off the ground in Haydon Wick. All in all—that is over 40 years of service!

Back in the late seventies, Lynda was not the leader. When she started, she was one of the helpers, doing whatever work was needed. In those days, Pram Club took place both in the morning and in the afternoon, with the groups coming together from time to time for a shared service and a shared lunch.

What else has changed?

Back in the 1980s, members were almost all mums. Today, mums tend to go back to work after maternity leave, so the current members are mums, childminders, carers, grandparents, foster parents– and some dads!

Pram Club has met people’s need for friendship. “Mums who have recently had a baby and who are no longer going out to work, or those who have recently moved to Swindon with a baby or toddler can be quite lonely. We do not make any charge to people who come to Pram Club for the first time, just so they see if they like it. As a result, people have made lifelong friendships through Pram Club.”

The charge is only £1 per session. But such are the numbers who come that the bank account is in good shape, with high quality toys for the children to play with. Lynda is keen to stress that this is a team effort. The whole team is needed to help with craft, telling stories, singing, making teas and coffees and above all listening to those who come. However, we also know the importance to every group of its leader. Lynda has provided a strong spiritual focus and a pastoral heart.

Over the years the team has become increasingly confident and independent. Raymond used to come in and lead the services every Christmas, Easter and Harvest. But for a number of years the Pram Club team has written an interactive child-friendly script which gets members involved in telling the story. That way parents and children learn and worship together.

What a great note on which to hand over to Lesley. Lesley needs no introduction to those watching on a Sunday! Lynda has left Pram Club in great shape, and in good hands, numerically strong and with an exciting future.