Pray for Chris as he works with James, our treasurer, on distributing our annual gift to our brothers and sisters in Uganda. We will send more than £5k this year. Where has it all come from? From your generous hearts and the wonderful partnership that we have with local schools. And how we are doing financially as a church? James will supply us with an answer in an upcoming bulletin.

Uganda – allocation from offering 2020 to date – £910
Uganda – allocation from offering since last gift in 2019 – £1,535
Uganda – St Francis’s school gift – £1,000
50% of Jar of Grace balance of £3192 – £1,596
Total to be allocate for payment in June 2020 – £5,041

The diocese of Luweero is concerned to provide food (ie maize flour and dry beans) for church ministers’ families. If you would like to make a donation, please make a bank transfer to the Swindon Deanery Synod account (account details available via the Parish Office). Please make sure you mention St John’s Haydon Wick—It needs to be done by Sunday evening.