Let’s look at the positive side.

In the country of Malawi, north-east of Zimbabwe, last year’s elections were widely rigged and won by the sitting president—to no-one’s surprise. Corruption appeared to have triumphed once again.

Remarkably, the country’s top judges took the unusual and courageous step of cancelling the fraudulent elections. New elections will be held this year, with the aim of ensuring that the people of Malawi get to exercise their democratic right to choose their president fairly.

It is one of the world’s least developed countries, yet Malawi is a beacon of hope in the world. Pray that the light might not be extinguished.

In Malawi, 40% of the country is under 14 years of age. Bible Society is currently focusing on young people and is providing Bibles to churches and Sunday Schools throughout the country. Let’s pray for their future under God’s Word.