Allan is our Parish Safeguarding Officer. As a former headteacher, he is well versed in safeguarding. Here are some points from his annual report to the PCC.

  • In order to make sure that we are all up to speed with training, Allan is asking the Diocese to arrange a training session in St John’s in the near future.
  • As part of a national initiative dealing with past cases of abuse, we were asked, “Do we have information about abuse, or are we aware of any safeguarding issues or concerns about church officers which were never reported to the diocese? Our answer was “No”. If anyone has any reason to believe that this answer is incorrect, please talk to Allan urgently.
  • A new Parish safeguarding dashboard will soon be available. This will show at a glance how compliant every church is with regard to C. of E. Safeguarding standards. It can be accessed by anyone on any device.
  • If anyone would like to see our upgraded Safeguarding policy, you can find it on the website, or email Catherine who will supply you with a paper copy.
  • The Church needs to keep building trust and we hope that these are steps along that road.