It’s easy to do.

You can do the paper version. There are copies on the table in the foyer. And they tell you how to interpret the results on the second side.

Or you can go to and do the online version. That is the one we demonstrated in church a couple of weeks ago. You just move the slider bar to the left or the right.

Once you have completed the final question, you simply have to click on “Reveal my discipleship shape” and the computer will draw it for you. You can then print it out.

And how will I know what it all means? You will be able to interpret your shape using the information on the back of the paper version.

And finally – there is another step you can take. It won’t help you so much, but it might help the PCC. You can put in all your details, and your church code, and then we will get a picture of the church as a whole. Are we a head, hands or heart church? Obviously, the more people who fill this bit in, the more accurate that will be. We hope it might give the PCC or the sub-team chairs a steer as to where we should be putting our efforts next year. The church code is is in the bulletin.