It was wonderful to receive almost £1,200 from St Francis for our school at Bwaziba in Uganda. This is in addition to the £500 they gave last year when the latrines needed urgent repairs. However, we must never think of this as merely a financial relationship. St Francis is first and foremost a church school. The Christian faith is expressed in every room and corridor. Our aim is that it should be a partner with us in the gospel. Here are some reminders of how that is working.

  • St John’s got involved, along with other churches at St Francis last October when children had the chance to experience Ugandan life and Ugandan worship.
  • On Christmas Eve, we celebrated our third Christingle service.
  • In September we will be holding a service in the Assembly Hall on the afternoon of St Francis Day. This will be instead of our 11:00 AM service.
  • This year, at 4pm on Sunday, 22nd March we will be holding an Easter-Alive Service in the school.

Because of the discipleship programme, we won’t be closing our 11:00 AM service, but we really hope that lots of our congregation will come and join us on that day so that we can help children and parents at the school to discover the true meaning of Easter.