Home many Christians live in Bangladesh?

There are 869,000 Christians in Bangladesh. They make up 0.5 per cent of the population.

Why are Christians persecuted in Bangladesh?

The Bangladeshi government is increasingly giving in to the demands of local Islamic groups, which monitor minorities, especially converts to Christianity from other religions. In Bangladesh, your religion is considered to be part of your identity, and so leaving your religion or tribe to follow Jesus is considered a betrayal of that identity.

What is life like for Christians in Bangladesh?

Believers from Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or a tribal background suffer the most severe persecution. They often gather in small house churches or secret groups due to fear of attack. Even historical churches like the Roman Catholic Church are increasingly faced with attacks and death threats. Christians among the Muslim Rohingya, who fled to Bangladesh, are facing harassment from their community as well.

A prayer for Bangladesh:

Lord Jesus, give courage to believers in Bangladesh. May You give them opportunities and boldness to tell others about Your love. Protect those who have to keep their faith a secret, and keep them safe as they meet together for worship, prayer, and training.

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