Telling the story

You cannot have failed to notice the banners outside the church. The Communications Subteam has also organised professional publicity for schools. The new Eventbrite online booking was a success at the Light Party. However the team would really like to recruit someone who is good with social media. If this sounds like you, Paul would really like to hear from you.

Sub Team Budgeting

In order to allow the subteams to act on their own initiative our treasurer, James, proposed that PCC allow each subteam to spend £250 on any given initiative. Sums greater than that must come to PCC.

Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

Your PCC will be giving a lot of thought to PGS this year. It is a new way for churches to approach giving. PCC members have heard and read something about this, already but will be meeting on Tuesday with David, treasurer of Redland, a large evangelical church in Bristol. Redland has used PGS for a few years so David will enable us to think about the pros and cons of the Parish Giving Scheme.

Mark, Chair of the Discipleship Sub Team, introduced PCC to the course Making Disciples beginning in February 2020. This will be run through small groups in a way similar to The Bible Course. Leaders will be needed. We do not plan to throw anyone in at the deep end. We will be providing plenty of training for our leaders before the course begins.

Helen who chairs the Prayer and Worship Subteam pointed out that Catherine spends a lot of her time turning the gender neutral language of the Bible that comes with Media Shout into the strongly masculine language of our 1980s pew Bibles. Raymond went through a number of examples where we are going the wrong way. We change “Be courageous!” into “Be Men of Courage”. We turn “I will send you out to fish for people” into “I will make you fishers of men.” (“Fishers” is not a word you often see in the Angling Times”.) We alter: “Anyone who offends their brother or sister ” so that it reads, “He who offends his brother….” You get the idea. It not only takes up a lot of Catherine’s time, it also gives our services a very dated feel. PCC agreed to buy a
lectern Bible in the first instance and will consider options for purchasing Pew Bibles for the future.