Have you got children to buy presents for on your Christmas list? There is a great selection of fun, interactive Bible-themed books for children to get stuck into this Christmas. If you know a pre-teen who loves comic books and Minecraft, or a younger child who likes crafty activities, take a look at the Bible Society website to help them explore the Bible this Christmas.

Jonah and the Bony Finned Asteroid Fish

Not just a Sunday school tale! Jonah and the Bony-Finned Asteroid Fish is a creative sci-fi re-imagining of the book of Jonah, packed full of wit and humour for adults and young people alike.
(Both books sell at £5.99)

Heroes and Villains. The Bible for Minecrafters

In these books the incredible tales of the Bible are retold through the format of Minecraft. Moses and Pharaoh, David and Goliath, Jesus and his miracles – your favourite Bible stories depicted in a completely unique way.

There are loads more. Have a look at https://www.biblesociety.org.uk/products/christmas-gifts-2019/

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