This week has been quite different because my boss has been off sick. He usually organises the work loads for each of us in the department. Monday was a bit awkward, but we managed to get organised and divided the jobs between ourselves. Excluding the boss, for this week we have 5 in the electrical department. One Aussie, a Peruvian, a New Zealander, a Senegalese lady and myself. On Saturday the Aussie left so now we’re 4. Workwise it was a productive week so the boss should be happy.

This week has also been a bit sad. I’ve made lots of new friends in my time here but, as well as Bobby, the Aussie, leaving, several more have left or are about to. Some I may never see again!

And that’s the nature of Mercy Ships, in 4 weeks time I will be the one heading home.

But the real purpose isn’t to make new friends. It’s to serve and to love my neighbour. In that respect it has been another wonderful week! More coffee breaks with patients! And even that can get difficult…..losing Connect 4 to a 10 year old! Grrr!