Africa Mercy is feeling like a home away from home. I know almost every part and thankfully I can get to pretty much anywhere first time. Sometimes not the most direct route….but I get there!

It’s been a mixed week with plenty of work to keep me busy, but sometimes a little frustrating. Jobs that should be reasonably easy turn into a marathon simply because drawings aren’t available. But, one glimpse of a patient and I’m reminded of why I’m here!

This week I attended a talk by Dr Gary Parker, essentially aimed at medical folks but open to all crew. It was amazing. He was able to make his points in terms we could all appreciate. He and the other surgeons can rebuild jaw bones with bits of ribs! And those ribs re-grow completely so that the same rib, once regrown, can be used for future bone grafts!

The long term and repeat visit folks are easier to spot when you talk with them. Their knowledge sets them apart from us “short termers”. But it all adds up to an amazing fellowship.

May God bless you all abundantly…Bill