People sometimes think Safeguarding is a bit over the top. Is there really a need for all the rules and regulations. Perhaps it is ok to write a Safeguarding Policy….but it does not really apply to week by week activities.

Then we hear the story of someone whose life was changed for the worse either by being the victim of a safeguarding incident, or sometimes by having a false accusation made against them. Safeguarding works two ways. It protects both adults and children.

That is why, as the new academic year re-stars, that we intend to ensure that all our classes have both a leader and an assistant leader in place. That is of course what happens every week on the rota. But not always what happens in life. We need to make sure they match up.

This year we need to find one more assistant leader to make sure that every group is covered. Could that be you?

We also need to replace Mel. Mel works alongside Pauline and Andy the age group. We will be hearing more about what they do in the service. Again we want someone to teach that group who will pray for the children and encourage them….and make St John’s a place they enjoy coming to.