Week 5 done and it has been the best yet! Work is becoming easier as I learn how to deal with the diverse range of things expected of me. Fixing hand held radios one day, testing the fire sensor system the next and checking the many batteries used for a variety of purposes the next. We test regularly to ensure they are being properly charged and are fit for purpose. That job had me climbing in and out of the lifeboats.

But, best of all, I have begun to get involved with some of the patients. I’ve spent two afternoon coffee breaks with patients rather than coffee. Playing with balloons and bubbles one day and Jenga the next. And on Wednesday I joined the bell ringers.

Roses runs the group. It involves coloured bells each with a different note, a simple song book with appropriately colour coded notes. Roses conducts by pointing to the notes we should play. We have a practice then go into the wards. With my lack of coordination it was fun all the way. The patients get a demonstration from us and then they have the chance to take the bells and have a go. Local interpreters explain the process and we all have a great time! It is so rewarding to see the joy such a simple interaction brings for everyone involved. Even the nurses join in!

Spectacular thunderstorms are a regular occurrence. Flooded streets soon dry once the rain stops. But I had the pleasure of running through 4 inches of water one evening as I left the port. By the time I returned an hour later the road was almost completely dry!