Week 4 done!

Surgeries began for the first time on Tuesday.

That was preceded by Dr Gary Parker using the PA system to pray across the whole ship. Each department begins the day with a meeting for prayer and to get organised for the day. Part way through that meeting was when Dr. Gary prayed. It was quite a moment, knowing surgery was about to begin and there we all were, joined by prayer!

There have been around 35 surgeries of various types performed this week. A reminder, if it was needed, as to precisely why I, and all the other volunteers are here. Most of us perform everyday jobs, but that’s what makes the operating theatres function.

On a personal note, I have been working independently most of the week. Which is good because it means I’m becoming more useful. It also means I’m finding my way around better and know where to find spare parts!

We’re still in the rainy season here and we’ve experienced some big thunderstorms this week. The difference is that the temperature doesn’t drop. So, rain or shine, the temperature has remained in the 30s most of the time.