Today we are bringing to a close our summer series on those feelings we would like to experience more of – and others we would like to feel less of. Last week, we looked at the subject of “Anxiety”. Raymond mentioned during the sermon there is a video on the subject by John Ortberg’s daughter, Laura Turner, who has suffered with anxiety all her life. This is not just nervousness, but a medical condition known as “General Anxiety Disorder.”

She currently works for another church but he invited her back to speak to his congregation as part of a series called, “It’s okay not to be okay.”. She is answering questions like, “What is it like to live with constant anxiety?”, “What is the place of pills and drugs in all of this?”, “What should I say to someone suffering this kind of anxiety?”, and “Where does the peace of God come in?”.

Laura Turner talks about her sorrow that she cannot look more positively towards the future and her sense of confusion while growing up. Some church members will be able to identify with the things she says. We probably all know somebody who struggles with anxiety. You can watch the video here or simply google “John Ortberg – Anxiety”.