We were taken by surprise by the unexpectedly good news that, although the lounge and kitchen floor have both sunk by a good few centimetres, the contractors do not see any need for us to remove the cooking appliances and white goods from the kitchen when they do the repair work. This is a huge relief. Storage alone would have been a major difficulty, never mind the problem of moving cookers round the building.

It looks as though the floors can be raised with all the appliances still in place. It seems that we are moving steadily towards a resolution of this longstanding problem and are expecting a visit from the architect to help bring it to a close.

The Window in Andrew’s Memory: The Diocesan Advisory Committee will be meeting in the next couple of weeks to discuss the window. The Church of England comes under its own planning regulations, so we have to ensure that any alterations to the church are permitted. There was a recent case of the church being required to undo work already completed, having failed to secure the correct faculty.

Thanks to Gareth and Rod for keeping us on course with these things.