The biggest mistake we can make is to think that we can do an effective work for God if we are not people of prayer. No matter how hard-working we are, our best efforts will not produce the fruit we want unless the ground is watered by prayer. Prayer and Power go together in the Kingdom of God. Jesus knew this and that is why he devoted so much time to prayer. So let’s follow his example.

There are two meetings for prayer this week. One is going to be on Monday at 2:30pm when the home group that meets in the Quiet Room will be giving the time to pray. The other is our monthly prayer meeting on Wednesday at 7:30pm in the Quiet Room. It was great last time to have to squeeze people in.

As we saw last week, Jesus got up early to pray. He believed he needed to.

There are big things to pray for. Mel will be stepping down from children’s work at Harvest after many years of service. She has done an outstanding job. But we will need someone to step into her shoes and continue that work. Serena’s move to Bristol means she is no longer available to act as an assistant to that group. So we have two vacancies in our youth work coming up and a big Challenger’s Weekend in October.

Our country needs prayer more than ever. The next 60 days will be critical for our future. Will you join us to pray for our leaders, our nation, our children and our church?