The FF&G sub team meets on Monday evening. The 2020 budget is going to be high up the agenda. Our diocese has taken some very bold steps in the past few years. It set up two new Resourcing Churches in Swindon and in Bristol. It is supporting three new mission areas across the diocese. It plans to train more 50% more clergy in order to offset the retirement bulge which will continue for a few years yet. There is no lack of enterprise. But looking at that list, you can see that it is going to come with a cost.

You will recall that General Synod decided that it was not going to simply sit on a pile of reserves, but was determined to use the money for outreach. As a result there has been a lot of financial support form the national church, which has been very welcome. Now we need to think about our own local contribution as parish churches.

As ever, with true Christian generosity across the diocese all these challenges can be met. Please pray for James as he guides us in our thinking about Parish Share and draws up the 2020 budget.